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Hire Daniel to speak at your workplace or school. Equip yourself, your team and your kids for the future, right now.

Daniel travels the world discovering what’s next in technology, and how it can be applied to meet his clients’ needs. He then shares this knowledge and experience at speaking events.  Taking cutting-edge ideas, developments & concepts and translating them for any audience in an engaging way.

As a futurist with hands-on experience, he demonstrates the practical applications of technology, taking your understanding beyond the theoretical. He talks about innovation specific to your industry including how it will be impacted over the next 5 – 20 years.

Daniel loves sharing his passion for technology with school groups.  He demonstrates how changes will affect students’ lives, and what will impact the career opportunities available to them when they enter the workforce.

Be bold and innovate -
your business done right!

Customised to your business – Daniel puts himself in the shoes of your team and outlines the key actions they should focus  on to survive and thrive.
What are the key components of a team that is ready for success in a rapidly evolving industry? What are the skills, attitudes, policies and management styles that will ensure success over the next 5-20 years. How can you define, attract and hire the right people to help take your team forward?

The next 5-20 years. Practical advice to thrive in the whirlwind

The next 5-20 years will see the pace of change accelerate like we have never seen before. The fundamentals of work will be turned upside-down.  Daniel provides actionable advice on how people can thrive in this challenging environment.
What jobs will disappear? What can people do now to be ready for new types of jobs? What are the 4 key groups of people perfectly positioned for the coming changes and how can you join them?

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Daniel's three (3) presentations at the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast were very insightful and always generated excellent feedback from our business community.
Mark Paddenburg
CEO Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast Pty Ltd
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It was great to have Daniel present "the future of Voice technology" at our event. The content was spot-on for our audience and was presented in an engaging way.
Andrew Curnow
Brisbane Mobile App Developers
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We engaged Daniel and Frontside Future in 2014 to build an app for our 250,000+ customers. We have continued to expand our work together ever since.
Celeste Donnachie
CEO medimobile

Hire me to speak at your company or school and I’ll equip you with the knowledge and techniques to thrive and survive over the next 5-20 years.

Daniel McKinnon | Virtual CTO

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